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Free Condoms!

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Condoms are free!

Condoms are available to young people free wherever you see this sign in Hampshire.

Condoms are one of the most effective contraceptive methods and help to protect against sexually transmitted infection and unplanned pregnancies

Used correctly and consistently, condoms are up to 99% effective. Condoms can be used for oral, vaginal and anal sex and condoms come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. To find out more about what to look out for on your condoms and how to use condoms effectively visit

The GET IT ON condom distribution scheme is now running across Hampshire.

It means that you can get free condoms if you are under 25 from lots of different organisations, all you have to do is see a trained worker so make sure you call in advance to check that they are there.

Click here for a list of organisations that provide free condoms.

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