ContraceptionThere are many different methods of contraception available to suit different people at different times in their lives. It is important to find the right method for you and for your partner. How effective any contraception is depends on how carefully and consistently you use it, however no form of contraception is 100% effective. Also, most methods of contraception do not protect you from sexually transmitted infections. This is why its probably a good idea to go Double Dutch and use condoms alongside your regular form of contraception for added protection. All methods of contraception are free for men and women and can be obtained from your local sexual health clinic or GP.

Contraception services provide free and confidential advice and supplies for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy e.g. emergency contraception, contraceptive pills, injections, coils, implants, referral for abortion and condoms. If you would like to find out more about each method of contraception visit Brook or  sex. worth talking about

All sexual health services are confidential even if you’re under 16.

Is an appointment necessary?

For contraceptive services you should make an appointment for routine supplies i.e. the pill and you will definitely need an appointment for some procedures like coil fitting. Emergencies, urgent advice and supplies are available at walk-in clinics.

Use the map to help you find local contraception services near you.

If you would like to find out the range of methods of contraception please speak to a health profession or visit one of the sites below for information on all methods of contraception:



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