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Get It On site getting more popular!

Updated on 10 February 2010 by admin

Since the website launch in April 2008 the number of unique visitors to the site has increased from 600 to over 5000 per month in Februray 2010. The site now gets nearly 300,000 hits per month, however the number of unique hits lets us know many different users access the site each month.

We continue to promote the site across Hampshire and are currently promoting the site through a series of local sexual health campaigns. Promotional materials are currently being used on facebook, inside buses and at bus stops outside or near to local FE Colleges.

People are visiting for a variety of reasons but the most popular subject pages visited in Feb 10 are:

  • free condoms
  • chlamydia screening
  • pregnancy testing
  • unplanned pregnancy

Winchester, Fareham  & Basingstoke pages are the most often visited district pages.

New publicity promoting the website is available from the Resource & Campaign Centre. See the professional page for the Resource Centre contact details.

The professional’s page is also growing in popularity with some downloading the Comprehensive Sexual Health Needs Aseesment Report (Nov 2009).

 If you have any ideas on how to promote or improve the site please get in touch, just complete the form below.

Popularity: 53% [?]

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